Brandt Zwieback Delights – Crispy Treat for those Special Moments in the Day

Our delicious Zwieback Delights are a Brandt highlight. Brandt Zwieback Classic finished with a fine coating of dark chocolate, coconut, or aniseed, making it the ideal accompaniment to tea or coffee. Dark and tempting – our Zwieback Delight Dark Chocolate has that subtle bitter taste so loved by fans of plain soft-melting chocolate. Give in to this sweet temptation of delicious dark chocolate on a crispy rusk! Wanting something more exotic? Our Zwieback Delight Coconut has also become a firm favourite of the Brandt range. Refined with luscious cocos flakes, this zwieback adds a temptingly tasty touch of the tropics. Sensual and bewitching – our Zwieback Delight Aniseed comes with an alluring hint of aniseed and cinnamon. As an accompaniment to aromatic tea, this variation of our rusk is a particularly sumptuous sensation!