Brand Values / Philosophy

We remain true to our founder’s philosophy of producing zwieback in consistently high quality at an affordable price for one and all. Brandt made zwieback a people’s food that today still stands out for its unique freshly roasted flavour and easy digestibility. This high quality and that iconic child’s smile make Brandt Zwieback a symbol of warmth and safety in the bosom of the family.

A piece of zwieback is a piece of childhood, but also a piece of crispy lightness. Just recently an addition to our brand logo reflects this connection – the butterfly. Since 2013, the Brandt child is accompanied by the butterfly as a brand ambassador for the Brandt Zwieback product family, symbolising our wish to win over even more fans to the enjoyment of our crispy-light Brandt Zwieback. After all, Brandt Zwieback is a treat for any occasion.

Our new brand image deftly combines Brandt’s traditional values with our contemporary and versatile range of products. The obligation we feel towards our zwieback fans is to produce a modern and light treat in the same quality that has been guaranteed by Brandt for over a hundred years. Today more than ever, our customers rely on the quality of our raw materials – and on our gentle processing and sustainable production methods.